Powerboat & Yacht Management, your specialist maritime partners

Powerboat and Yacht Management offer a comprehensive range of mechanical, engineering and repair services to suit your requirements.

Powerboat and Yacht Management are most widely known for their ongoing care of go-fast performance boats such as Offshore race boats like Cigarettes. But behind the flashy paint jobs and loud exhausts, the team have been delivering refits, servicing and repairs to private and commercial customers with all sizes of yacht on a global basis. We are a worldwide organisation. Our focus is in the Western Med, but have committed to contacts in locations such as Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Cyprus and USA. Our main workshops are in UK and France, with mobile workshops able to move anywhere. Our team are from 5 nationalities and aims to facilitate your requirements when and where you may need them.

Powerboat and Yacht Management works in conjunction with several trusted partners across the globe to cover your requirements so that we can ensure the best quality of service, spare parts, boat brands and bespoke pieces. We know one company can’t do everything, so by teaming up with other companies that we know and trust, we can transition smoothly and draw on each other’s skill sets. Client satisfaction is our top priority and our client testimonials reflect only the highest level of service.