Charter Vessel Service Contracts

Boats up to 24m. working with P& Powerboat & yacht management Ltd, our vessel management partners. They ensure the client benefits from efficient and dynamic project / vessel management and a consistent point of contact. Specialising day charter boats Contracts available

‘Full Vessel Management

For the individual who wants all the joy of using their boat, but none of the hassle. Our expert team will take care of all aspects of your boat in a bespoke package designed especially for you.

  • Cleaning
  • Routine servicing and general maintenance
  • Launching, recovering and storage
  • Transport
  • Insurance
  • Fueling
  • Daily checks and provisioning
  • Mooring and berth space
  • Spare part, warranty and compliance
  • Vessel registration

Our team provides bespoke service packages depending on each individual owner’s needs and requirements.

So please get in touch and we will create a specific solution for you.


    • We take care of your regular charter needs.
    • Advertising
    • Negotiating preferable charter rates with charter agents
    • Cleaning
    • Servicing
      Repairs & updates


    • We are there when you need us
    • Servicing
    • breakdowns
    • Repairs & updates
    • Emergency contact and vessel recovery
    • Working with our partners
    • There are many charter companies worldwide, please our list of
    • recommended brokers below
    • Our own charter boats


    Upholstery is a key component of a vessel’s refit. It can easily change the ambience throughout the yacht and equally elevate both the interior and exterior to your tastes. Changing your yacht’s upholstery can give a modern look to a classic boat or give the classic feel to a new-generation yacht.

    With an endless range of luxurious materials with different colours, textures and designs from the best design houses, Powerboat & Yacht Managements designers are able to convert your ideas from conception to purpose.

    Using the best fabrics for the desired areas, we will consider the fabric’s strengths and limitations based on the amount of water resistance or UV resistance and ensure that you don’t have to re-upholster too soon. Our goal is to guide our owner’s decisions with our knowledge of previously completed projects.

    You don’t have to change the whole yacht in one go, of course. Should you only wish to re-upholster one area, this is not an issue. No job is too small, we know the importance of fresh upholstery. Powerboat & Yacht Management are not only limited to re-upholstering existing cushions. If you have old seats, for example, where the interior foam is deteriorating, we can fabricate new foam that will fit perfectly. Or if you have a spot that could be useful to fabricate a removable seat base, we can take that idea from concept to installation.

    And if you have upholstery that’s been damaged, with rips or tears, we will always try our upmost to match the colour and material to provide a replacement covering for your boat. We are able to procure the original material used by manufacturers directly and have helped a huge amount of owners that need a single sun bed cushion recovered.