Diemmax Dealership

Since 2005 Diemmax have been building 6 cylinder marine engines and converting V12 engines for marine use. Demand was so high that in 2015 they decided to develop an entirely new compact, aluminium V12 diesel engine specifically for the marine sector.

Since 2021 their range has expanded to include a new twin turbo 6 cylinder engine. Their vision is to set a new standard in marine engine power and comfort.


V12 520-600HP

This lightweight, smooth running V12 diesel engine is top of class. Powerful, with amazing low-end torque and no noticeable turbolag. It’s also very quiet

D6LR 250-350 HP

Delivering leading acceleration and top end responsiveness. The peak torque is available almost immediately after accelerating from 1,750 RPM.

6 SERIES 180-260 HP

Ideal for first installation with sterndrive or gearbox or for repowering your boat. Competitively priced and available with a range of conversion kits to adapt to almost every sterndrive or gearbox.