Mechanical Services

Engine servicing / rebuild / repair

Powerboat & Yacht Management boasts a huge amount of experience when dealing with marine engines. Over the years, we’ve seen everything from high-performance Mercury racing engines to classic project Volvo, Cummins and Detroit diesel, for example.

Our engineers have hands-on knowledge of various brands of outboards such as, Mercury, Suzuki, Evinrude and more whilst also moving into the newer diesel marine outboards, as well as the new Mercury hidden outboard models. Having also dealt with petrol and diesel marine inboard engines. Having carried out engine services across the globe on various sizes of boats, in all shapes of engine rooms and engines that produce a wide range of power.

But in the engine room, we’re not only limited to engines, Powerboat and Yacht Management is confident dealing with generator sets, water makers, air-conditioning and heating systems and more. And it’s not just the mechanical side of the engines that we’ve worked on either, for example, we’ve produced custom engine mounts to replace under-manufactured fittings and successfully carried out engine swaps based on an owner’s needs.

Our engineering team is also vastly experienced in engine rebuilds and repairs. We’ve dealt with seized engines and gearboxes, blown valves, head gaskets and pistons, bent shafts, adjusted timings for performance and efficiency to name only a few of the completed work lists.

With this in mind, if you need any assistance in your engine rooms or with your outboards Powerboat & Yacht Management will assist you with expertise and customer satisfaction.

Generator Installation

Powerboat & Yacht Management specializes in addressing diverse client needs, offering comprehensive solutions for those looking to integrate a generator into their vessel. Whether you’re seeking to replace an outdated power system or outfitting a day boat without an onboard generator, our services encompass a range of generator-related solutions.

Our expertise extends to generator replacements, servicing, repairs, overhauls, and new installations. Powerboat & Yacht Management boasts hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge working with renowned marine industry brands such as Kohler, Northern Lights, Panda, Whisper, and more.

Recognizing the transformative impact generators can have on water experiences, our team has successfully executed various projects. Generators not only enhance your vessel’s capabilities but also enable the use of additional 240V-powered amenities. Once you’ve experienced the convenience of having a generator onboard, reverting to a generator-free setup becomes unthinkable.

Our skilled engineers assess the available space on your vessel and determine the feasibility of adding a generator. Typically, there is ample space or a suitable generator model to accommodate your needs. Collaborating with you, we establish your power requirements, enabling us to design an efficient generator package. This encompasses generator mounting hardware, starter batteries, battery charging capabilities, and socket outlets for mains appliances.

Whether you have a specific requirement in mind or are contemplating the addition of a generator onboard, consult with Powerboat & Yacht Management. Discover the tailored solutions that best suit your needs and elevate your maritime experience.

Electrical Enhancements

Upgrading your vessel’s electrical system is a seamless process with popular brands such as Mastervolt, Sterling, and Optima. Additionally, we specialize in AV upgrades, incorporating high-quality brands like Kicker and JL Audio to elevate your audio experience.

Audio Expertise

Our experienced team excels in crafting custom and waterproof sound systems. Working closely with premier brands such as Fusion and JL Audio, we handle everything from straightforward upgrades to stock systems to the intricate design and installation of personalized audio setups.

Integration and Fault Finding

Empower your crew and guests to control and customize their music preferences effortlessly from any location on the boat. Our audio systems seamlessly integrate with various Multi-Function Displays (MFDs), including Garmin, Simrad, and Raymarine. Moreover, our team excels in fault finding, ensuring that your electrical and audio systems operate flawlessly.

Remote Control Accessibility

Expand the reach of your audio system with strategically placed fixed remotes in key areas around the boat. This allows for convenient control and enhances the overall experience for everyone on board.

Custom Enclosures for Electrical Installations

Facing limitations in mounting options? Our team is adept at designing and constructing custom mounts and enclosures. This service is particularly beneficial for boats with restricted mounting spaces or for those looking to repurpose a locker. Trust us to provide innovative solutions for your electrical installations.


Battery replacement and charging systems

We’ve seen frustrated owners approach us because they’ve had a first-hand experience where they’ve gone to enjoy some time on their yacht only to turn the key and nothing happens, the batteries are flat.

This can happen for a variety of reasons, some yachts aren’t fitted with a shore power supply, some yachts need a new alternator to charge the battery whilst the engines are running, and some batteries are old and are no longer holding their charge. Powerboat & Yacht Management are in the position to diagnose the problems onboard and provide the best solution to fit the yacht and the usage demands of the owner. You may not use a huge amount of appliances onboard, so you might not need a huge bank of house batteries. You may wish to make use of every electronic tool, stereo system, fridge and more from your battery supply, so having the best-performing batteries and charging system is vital.

Our team have carried out many different upgrades and battery installations, even battery testing to assess its state and ability to hold the charge and discharge correctly. Powerboat & Yacht Management can assist in maximising the battery output solutions for your yacht so that you’re not turning up to your yacht hoping that it will start.

Marine Petrol to Marine Diesel conversions

As we’ve discussed, Powerboat & Yacht Management are extremely experienced in engine servicing, rebuilds and repairs.

It is becoming increasingly common for an owner to discuss the possibility of converting their older petrol engine to a more economical, modern diesel engine.

Our team of expert engineers have carried out these conversions previously and is perfectly equipped with the knowledge required to smoothly swap the engines and integrate all of the additional systems seamlessly. Powerboat and Yacht Management have great working relationships with the best brands that allow us to upgrade systems with better helm controls, engine management systems, digital displays, fuel management systems, fuel lines and engine room ventilation to name a few areas. With these improvements, we have been able to deliver much more efficient engine packages for our owners, whilst maintaining a performance level that suits their needs.

If you’re considering swapping your engine package, Powerboat & Yacht Management can assist.

Inboard to Outboard Conversion


Powerboat & Yacht Management have seen a recent trend recently of owners enquiring about changing their ageing diesel inboard engines for new, modern outboards.

In recent years, the technological advancements for outboard engines have been unprecedented. Outboard engines are now available to run on petrol, diesel or electric, for example. And previously, outboards ran until 200hp but this is now a distant memory, with Mercury producing a V12 outboard producing 600hp.

A very recent project saw Powerboat & Yacht Management working on a 15m RIB and converting the boat from twin diesel 600hp engines, both weighing in at 1.2 tonnes each. One major benefit of outboards over inboards is weight saving, you could, for example, happily swap the old diesel inboards for twin 300hp outboards, weighing in at 700 kilograms each, an overall saving of 1.4 tonnes.

The new owner of this particular RIB has opted for quadruple 350hp engines, which will provide a significant improvement in performance. As well as having the advantages of outboard engines being cheaper to maintain and easier to service correctly. As this boat had previously been fitted with older inboard engines, the spare parts were no longer in manufacture and it was therefore becoming increasingly costly and difficult to keep these engines running smoothly, a common issue that we come across. Changing to an outboard system can be easier to complete, rather than searching for a compatible engine to fit in the engine bay, having to modify the engine mounts and positioning, often having to re-run exhaust systems or have a custom exhaust system made to fit and more.

Should you wish to convert from inboards to outboards, Powerboat & Yacht Management have the knowledge and connections to provide you with the latest technology in outboard engines, should you wish to discuss diesel outboard motors or electric outboards, please don’t hesitate to ask.



Upholstery is a key component of a vessel’s refit. It can easily change the ambience throughout the yacht and equally elevate both the interior and exterior to your tastes. Changing your yacht’s upholstery can give a modern look to a classic boat or give the classic feel to a new-generation yacht.

With an endless range of luxurious materials with different colours, textures and designs from the best design houses, Powerboat & Yacht Managements designers are able to convert your ideas from conception to purpose.

Using the best fabrics for the desired areas, we will consider the fabric’s strengths and limitations based on the amount of water resistance or UV resistance and ensure that you don’t have to re-upholster too soon. Our goal is to guide our owner’s decisions with our knowledge of previously completed projects.

You don’t have to change the whole yacht in one go, of course. Should you only wish to re-upholster one area, this is not an issue. No job is too small, we know the importance of fresh upholstery. Powerboat & Yacht Management are not only limited to re-upholstering existing cushions. If you have old seats, for example, where the interior foam is deteriorating, we can fabricate new foam that will fit perfectly. Or if you have a spot that could be useful to fabricate a removable seat base, we can take that idea from concept to installation.

And if you have upholstery that’s been damaged, with rips or tears, we will always try our upmost to match the colour and material to provide a replacement covering for your boat. We are able to procure the original material used by manufacturers directly and have helped a huge amount of owners that need a single sun bed cushion recovered.


We work with all types of vessels, all with different styles, designs, performances and intended uses, some are the same model, but the owner’s vision of the boat is completely different. Decking is an element that reflects this throughout, ranging from simple non-skid gelcoat surfaces to customised synthetic teak, we have seen and worked with them all.

High-performance boats are typically fitted with carpet in the cockpit, day cruisers are designed for soaking up the sun and therefore need a solution that allows you to walk on deck and keep the soles of your feet. Powerboat & Yacht Management don’t only have the physical ability to manufacture and install custom deck projects, but the knowledge required to meet an owner’s expectations of how the boat will be used for their enjoyment.

There’s also no limit on creativity, should you want a custom pattern etched into your foam flooring or a logo embossed into your synthetic teak, we have the ability to deliver.

Powerboat and Yacht Management are experienced with fitting decks made from various materials, original wooden teak, synthetic teak, foam decking, carpets (for interior decks too) and non-skid surfaces. Whilst sourcing the best brands and materials to align with to ensure owner satisfaction and longevity with boats decking. A vital role that we also take care of, is monitoring the ever-evolving marine market and testing new solutions appearing on the market.

Should you require any deck services, whether, for repair or a full replacement, Powerboat & Yacht Management are certainly equipped to help.


Powerboat & Yacht Management prides itself on the standard of yacht paintwork it produces. We have completed hundred of paint projects, from paint repairs from scratches or docking accidents to repainting outboard engine cowlings and full vessel resprays with custom paint colours and designs.

If you’re looking to bring your boat up to date with a new paint job, we can advise on the best solutions for you, from the best products, colours, additives such as metallic finishes and more that best suit your own personal tastes as well as producing the best application for the use of your boat.

If you’ve found dull spots in your paint or you’ve noticed some damage in your paintwork, Powerboat & Yacht Management is able to carry out repairs that are impossible to distinguish. Our team has the capabilities and expertise to colour match, repair and blend the paint repairs so that owners and guests alike have the peace of mind that their paintwork is in the best condition possible and isn’t dull out on the water.

If you’ve gotten to the end of a season, you’ve recently purchased a boat or you’re planning to tackle a new project, Powerboat and Yacht Management is perfectly positioned to provide the professional and experienced paint services that you require.

If you’re looking to protect your paintwork from the elements, Powerboat & Yacht Management is also ideally positioned not only to advise on the best solutions, we can offer a wide range of possibilities. From the highest quality wax finishes to long-lasting and hard-wearing ceramic coatings even the possibility of applying a full customisable wrap to your boat. Based on your boat’s capabilities and characteristics, we will provide the knowledge and expertise to find the best product for you and apply it to your boat for the best finish possible.

There are many paint and covering options available for vessels, we are able to apply whichever is the most suitable for your vessel and your expectations.

Safety Equipment

At Powerboat & Yacht Management, we understand that the safety of your superyacht and its passengers is non-negotiable. We are your trusted partner in ensuring the highest level of safety and compliance for your vessel, providing a comprehensive range of safety equipment and services tailored to meet the exacting needs of discerning superyacht owners.

Unparalleled Selection: We take pride in offering the most extensive and premium selection of safety equipment in the industry. From crew supplies to discreet guest safety equipment, we deliver solutions that not only exceed safety regulations but also cater to the unique requirements of coding. Our inventory is meticulously curated to meet the demands of the most exclusive superyachts.

Customized Solutions: Your superyacht is unique, and so are its safety needs. Our team of experts collaborates closely with you to create bespoke safety packages that align with your vessel’s specifications, ensuring every detail is accounted for. We are dedicated to delivering tailored solutions that guarantee compliance and peace of mind.

Mediterranean Excellence: Operating in the heart of the Mediterranean, we offer unrivalled servicing and maintenance for all safety equipment on board. Our highly skilled technicians provide efficient, reliable, and discreet services to ensure your safety systems are always in optimal condition.

When it comes to safety, compromise is not an option. Choose Powerboat & Yacht Management as your partner in safeguarding your superyacht. With our vast selection, personalized approach, and Mediterranean expertise, we are committed to elevating your safety standards to the highest level, giving you the confidence to navigate the seas with absolute peace of mind. Trust us to protect what matters most. Your safety, your yacht, your legacy.

Stabilisers and trim tabs

Stabilisers have come on leaps and bounds in recent history, changing from the previous systems that only worked whilst cruising with enormous fins protruding from the hull of a yacht. Stabiliser systems now have the capacity to work at ‘zero-speed’ meaning that even whilst at anchor, you can experience flat calm waters.

These stabiliser systems can be retrofitted to your yacht, either with the more traditional fins or the more modern equivalent gyro stabiliser system. Powerboat & Yacht Management will assess the yacht’s size, weight, displacement style, speed and additional factors and based on these factors present the best working solution to meet your requirements and expectations.

Stability whilst at anchor provides superior comfort and makes you the envy of other yachts rocking on the water.

If you’re looking for additional performance whilst cruising on the water, this can often be achieved by adding or upgrading your trim tabs. Similar to stabilisers, the technology involved in trim tabs has also evolved over the years, with different designs and shapes increasing efficiency on the water with the ability to impact speed and fuel efficiency, for example.

Powerboat & Yacht Management have the product knowledge, as well as the performance expertise to meet and exceed an owner’s individual expectations.

Machinery installation

Windlasses, winches, thrusters, swim ladders etc.

Over the years, Powerboat & Yacht Management have experienced many owners wishing that they had extra tools onboard to assist their overall experience. We’ve had requests to fit or upgrade various machinery from anchor windlasses to mooring winches, bow and stern thrusters, adjusting swim ladders or hydraulic bathing platforms. The options are endless and Powerboat & Yacht Management is proven in finding the best solution and implementing best practices so that each and every owner is more than satisfied.

Powerboat & Yacht Management have access to the best products to find the best solution, our team have the knowledge to be able to assess what solution will work best on your yacht, each yacht has different challenges, size, space, weight, energy supplies, there are multiple variables that we can face onboard but solutions are what we aim to provide.

We can provide repairs or upgrades to systems already in place or if required, we can fit aftermarket systems from scratch. The demands from each owner are different when thinking of what they’re looking for from the usability of their boats, we’ve installed bow and stern thrusters, 2nd helm stations for easier mooring, wireless anchoring systems to allow anchoring from the helm station or elsewhere onboard for single-handed operation. We’ve also had our team assess and design boarding systems to allow for easier access from the water with custom swim ladders, or even installing hydraulic swim platforms or ladders and have expert knowledge in hydraulic passerelle boarding systems.