• Cigarette Cabin Conversion
    Cigarette Cabin Conversion
    Back in late 2022 we got a call from a yacht broker we work with who has a client interested in a Cigarette 50 marauder (one of our all time favourite boats). Most 50 marauder are supplied with what is referred to as a Race Cabin (an empty space). But, this client was interested in a full cabin boat with:• A double bed• A separate fresh water electric toilet and basin• A fridge• A microwave• Full LED lighting• Sculpted cabin seating for 6 peopleAlthough Cigarette have offered items such as a double bed and internal seating, their cabin setup is a far cry from what this client had imagined. Come early 2023 and the purchase had completed and the conversion was to be completed by the spring. We started by stripping what little there was in the cabin and removing the bulkhead at the front of the cabin. As to incorporate the bed, we would need to expand the cabin forward up the hull. We then removed the original fresh water tank. At only 30L this was barely enoug h to run the shower on the aft deck, let alone a toilet & basin too. This was replaced with a 70L tank and a bigger freshwater pump. The framework for the bed was then built and glassed to the hull. Before the bed base was installed on top. We then moved our attention to the seat bases, building new framework with built in conduit for electricals and freshwater feeds. Setting the backrest angle and drop on the seat front produced a challenge, especially in a cabin with such limited headroom. Once the seats were in place, the fridge and basin unit along with the head furniture were to be designed. A 40L draw fridge, full size 230v  microwave, inverter, new switch panel and basin were all to be incorporated into the port side furniture and on the starboard side. An electric head and furniture, mounted within a fully enclosed head unit on the port.Due to the once all the furniture was dry fitted and all fine adjustments were complete, the furniture was removed and all areas ground and prepared for fiberglass. Due to the flex of the boat, the fixing areas had to be very carefully selected as to prevent creating stiff points in the hull and  causing cracking.Moving on to the upholstery the client selected his preferred materials and we produced backing and cover panels for all areas of the cabin to be covered. Our upholstery team then designed and contoured the foam, cushions and completed the embroidery including Cigarette logos. As the boat is due to be used in the Med, it is imperative that the toilet is connected to a holding tank with deck pump out. Unfortunately, Cigarette do not leave a space suitable for the tank without modification. We redesigned the engine bay flooring and relocated the stb engine water strainer to the port side to allow room under the floor to mount the tank. Below are pictures of the completed project.
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  • Sunreef engine swap
    Sunreef engine swap
    Early in 2023 we were approached to view a Sunreef 40 power. the boat had been delivered and on her first one of the drives had failed. Alongside this the owner was not happy with the performance and wanted to discuss changing propellers and drive gearing to increase he cruising speed. Although we provided options for the ratio and propeller changes the owner committed to swapping out the engines for more HP and bigger drives to handle it and we were asked to handle the installation. The original Mercruser 8.2’s have been swapped out for a pair of mercury Racing 700 SCI’s with a Wipple supercharger upgrade. Now producing 860hp a side. The modification did not stop there, the owner specified a silenced underwater exhaust, new external steering system, new electromanual controls and, removal of the external depth sounder to list but a few. With the installation now complete & lots of custom manufacturing, we are now in the process of testing propellers to fine tune and get the full performance out of the boat and its new equipment.
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  • Riva seized engine
    Riva seized engine
    This October we were contacted by the boat captain and asked to winterise a Riva Ferrari at our base in Geneva. happy to assist we arrived and started working though our process. draining the fresh water tank, water heater, grey and black water tanks & charging the batteries. Before drawing our attention to the engines. We started with the port engine and although the engine started and ran without an issue, we did notice a small amount of emulsified oil on the filler cap. This as usual was noted, photos were taken to be added to the work report of the owner and an oil sample was take for analysis and our records. When moving to the starboard engine, things got more complicated. When we attempted to start the engine, the starter motor would not turn the engine over. Instead, just engage and click. The tell tale signs of a bad earth or flat battery, we started there. After a few checks, the batteries were healthy and the connections were all good. Second port of call was the start motor itself, but its mounting location in the engine made for a significant time commitment to remove and check, so thinking back to a seized engine we were called out to sort at the end of last year. We removed the spark plugs, put a socket on the crank pully and applied some light pressure. To my surprise, the engine was seized solid. At this point, we updated the office and put a rush on the work report and then completed the winterisation. As we had already removed the spark plugs, we decided to fill the cylinders with a light weight penetrating oil (one we keep in stock for just such an occasion), draw a oil sample from the sump and fill the drank case with oil. Like the port engine, there was signs of emulsification on the oil cap, but not enough to suspect a seized engine. A full report was then completed and sent to the owner with our recommendations on how to proceed. But we are safe in the fact the oil added to the boat will stop the situation getting any worse and hopefully improve it by the time we hear back.
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